Introducing Gutterhead: The Game That Makes Cards Against Humanity Look Tame

It’s fun, filthy and arriving just in time for Christmas

Gutterhead the boardgame.
Gutterhead Way more messed up then Cards Against Humanity.

Picture the scene: it’s Christmas Day and the family are gathered in the front room frantically playing what appears to be Pictionary; your uncle is stood there, desperately trying to draw something that looks a bit like a water fountain while everyone watches on.

Suddenly, your grandma stands up and something unexpected happens – she shouts the words “golden shower!” and the room erupts in a mix of disappointment and celebration.

That might seem like an unusual scenario to some but not Zak Walton, the co-founder of Gutterhead – the most hilariously twist adults’ game loaded has ever seen.

Essentially the bastard offspring of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity, Gutterhead is a fiendishly filthy drawing game that is strictly for adults. It’s also a lot of fun and very easy to play.

Groups are split into two teams; one play from each team is then required to try and draw a fiendishly filth word while their teammates try to guess what the word is before their opponents do. the first team to guess correctly gets the point.

Zak and his friends came up with the game on New Year’s Eve, following a Christmas spent playing endlessly timid rounds of Pictionary with the family. The resulting X-rated hybrid proved a hit and soon they found themselves introducing the game in any number of social situations: stags, dinner parties, hen dos and pre-drink sessions.

The Gutterhead board game.

Realising they had hit upon a great idea, several prototypes were then developed with Zak admitting to loaded that there were a few awkward moments along the way, usually involving relatives and some very rude works.

“My most awkward Gutterhead moment has to be when we were play-testing it with my family. I had gone to the effort of removing most of the filthiest cards, however, “Pearl Necklace” got through the screening process and I had the hideous experience of having to watch my 78-year-old gran explain what it was to my mum. I think the phrase “it’s when he deposits his load on your chest” was used… painful.”

But if Zak though that was as painful as it was going to get, he was wrong.

“I was visiting my fiance’s parents and I had an early prototype with me. Whilst crossing the driveway I managed to drop a whole bunch of cards without noticing. About 45 mins later my fiance’s dad came through the door brandishing a handful of cards which included “Cum Dumpster”, “Fisting” and “Golden Shower”. Not my proudest moment.”

It was all worth it in the end now, with Gutterhead now a full-fledged game that’s available to purchase online and comes highly recommended.

With the cost of nights out continuing to rise, it’s also the perfect excuse to stay in with mates – particularly over the festive period.

Gutterhead the game.

The likes of Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity have already highlighted the demand for adult-orientated board games that offer a break from the monotony of mobile phone screens and social media.

More importantly, seeing a close loved one or friend struggle at trying to draw a “human centipede” only adds to the enjoyment. There’s never been a better time to buy into it either, with Amazon offering a £5 discount to anyone that uses the code LAUNCH11.

And if you are struggling to think of what to get someone this Christmas, what better gift than a game that gets people laughing over the concept of “morning glory”.

Sure beats the standard Christmas argument over Monopoly, doesn’t it?

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