Greggs Fans Salivating Over World’s Poshest Pasty – But It Will Set You Back £20

The £1.25 Greggs steak bake has got nothing on this baked beauty.

A typical Greggs bakeryImage Greggs

The world’s poshest pasty has been presented to the world and it will set you back a fair bit.

While the standard steak bake is priced at around £1.25 in Greggs’, this edition from steak restaurant Hawksmoor will set you back a little bit more.

Essentially a luxury version of the lunchtime favourite, the Hawksmoor steak slice is made using around 200g of 35-day-aged rare breed ribeye steak, which has been braised in red wine before being wrapped in elegant puff pastry.

Best of all, the entire thing is topped off with the finest Colston Bassett Stilton which only adds to the exquisite taste on offer.

The Hawksmoor Steak Slice will set you back £20 though, meaning you could actually purchase a total of 16 of the Greggs equivalent for the same price if you were really hungry or perhaps just plain greedy.

The Hawksmoor pasty
Your move Greggs What a pasty Image Hawksmoor

In either case, pasty fans do not have long to sample this luxury slice, with the Hawksmoor effort only available until November 30.

Whether it will then make way for a festive bake, is unclear, but they will face stiff competition in that particular subsection of the market with Greggs already the masters when it comes to the Christmas bakery options.

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