Could You Handle This 11,500 Calorie Greggs Challenge?

Warning: This 30+ Greggs menu item challenge isn’t for the faint of heart.

A typical Greggs bakeryImage Greggs

Eating competitions are not big or particularly clever but they are a lot of fun and the Gregg’s Challenge is no different.

In the past, loaded has brought the McDonald’s Big Mac Challenge, the infamous KFC Family Feast Challenge and, not forgetting, the Five Foot Subway Challenge.

The Greggs Challenge may be the most extreme yet and should arguably come with a health warning: do not attempt this unless you are fully prepared for the prospect of vomiting up copious amounts of steak bake and sausage roll.

It’s actually the brainchild of YouTuber and professional eat Adam Moran, who recently recorded his own attempt at the challenge for his channel “Beard meats food.”

In the clip, Adam wolfs down over 30 different Greggs menu items in the space of just 30 minutes. Costing just under £40, the entire Greggs Challenge gauntlet ran as follows:

• Spicy bean roll
• Cheese and steak roll
• Two couple of sausage rolls
• Steak bake
• Meat pasty
• Indian slice
• Katsu curry slice
• Sausage and bean melt
• Cinnamon bun
• Eight doughnuts
• Eclair
• Two Bavarian slices
• Egg custard tart
• Two slices of pizza
• Cream bun
• Long cream donut
• Iced bun
• Two yum yums

That heady mix amounts to a whopping 11,449 calories. It’s also 284 grams of protein, 1,229 grams of carbohydrate and a stunning 603 grams of fat.

Adam, of course, managed to polish the whole lot off in around 30 minutes flat, but loaded reckon most others would struggle with a mammoth meal like this.

Something tells us this isn’t part of the Greggs diet that is meant to help people lose weight either.

How do you reckon you would get on?

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