Greggs Bring In Bouncers After String Of Sausage Roll Related Thefts

The security staff have been rolled out across several inner-city branches of the chain.

A typical Greggs bakeryImage Greggs

Takeaway pastry giants Greggs are beefing up staff levels at branches up and down the UK following a string of unsavoury stake bake related incidents.

Bouncers have been brought in to man the doors of the popular eatery chain after several incidents involving inebriated customers with a hunger for sausage rolls, freshly made sandwiches and those massive pizza slices they sell there.

These days it’s standard practice for inner-city branches of Greggs to stay open until the wee hours of the morning.

With some shops open as late as 3:30am to take advantage of the post-pub/club crowd, it’s not a surprise to see a few drunken customers at the counter.

Unfortunately, a select few of these drunkards have ended up becoming embroiled in some pretty ugly scenes and possibly even a bit of sausage roll based thievery to boot.

Greggs are now moving to take precautions, with bouncers brought in at branches in almost all of the UK’s major cities.

The security staff were first spotted by users on Twitter, who were quick to express their shock at the move.

A Greggs spokesperson has since issued a statement to defend the move.

“The safety of our customers and shop teams is extremely important to us and from time to time, as a precautionary measure, we do put additional security measures in place, such as the use of security guards,” they said.

The company is taking the steps on a shop by shop basis.

It’s a move that paints a vivid and depressing picture of city centre life. It’s not ideal timing either, with this marking the UK’s national pie week.

Next time just stick to kebabs. Greggs is a better lunch option anyway.

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