Greggs Apologises After Replacing Baby Jesus With Sausage Roll In Advent Calendar Launch

This was tantamount to pastry-based sacrilege!

The sausage roll of sacrilege.
The sausage roll of sacrilege. Oh, Greggs, what have you done?

Greggs has been forced to make a grovelling apology over a publicity image created for the bakery chain’s new Advent calendar, which depicted a sausage roll in the manger instead of the baby Jesus.

The pastry giant launched its very first Advent calendar earlier this week, giving fans the chance to bag free baked items and vouchers worth anywhere between £5 and £25.

However, critics were quick to hit out at the images used to promote the campaign, which included a depiction of Santa eating a sausage roll and, most controversial of all, a recreation of the nativity with a sausage roll in place of baby Jesus.

Thankfully, plenty of people saw the funny side – including comedian Bob Mortimer:

However, there’s been enough of a negative response for Greggs to issue a formal apology in a statement issued to the Northern Echo.

“We’re really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention,” the message read.

It’s unclear quite how many people complained about the imagery, with a poll on the Northern Echo website indicating around 20 per cent of its readers felt the image were in poor taste.

Santa Claus is coming to Greggs

Those of a sensitive, Christian, disposition therefore might not want to see some of the other publicity images created, including a picture of a Christmas tree made entirely out of pasties.

The new Greggs calendar goes on sale this November 20 with a message of peace and pastry for one and all this festive season.

Alright, stop it now.

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