Check Out This Concept Car Made Using Indestructible Glass

Sticks and stones don't stand a chance

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing in Las Vegas and the technology is pretty cool. One of the standouts is the latest offering from Gorilla Glass. The company behind the toughest phone and tablet screens in the world has moved on to bigger endeavours.

Corning, the manufacturer and developer of Gorilla Glass just introduced an electric car packed full with the hardy stuff; windshield, dashboard, rear window, sun roof, steering wheel touch screen and control panel running between the two front seats. 

The material itself is a close cousin of the product used on millions of phone screens, though additives that protect against extreme heat and cold have been included.

According to the company’s official website,: “Corning engineers used a standard thermoplastic to bond an outer layer of soda lime glass to an inner layer of Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive.”

What does it mean to have such tough glass on your car?

It weighs less first of all, the glass is significantly lighter than its soda-lime counterpart therefore the centre of gravity in the car drops making turns and acceleration far smoother.

Obviously the whole indestructible aspect comes into play, during the testing phase the company pelted stones at the windshield at rates of 65 mph. The result was a cracked soda-lime outer layer but complete intact gorilla glass inner layer. See a video demonstration here

Right now, Corning is ready to start fitting cars with the glass and already Ford has jumped on board with the debut of the 2016 Ford GT concept supercar. The future is look bright and shatter free.

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