Gorgeous Model Federica Felini Handles A TV Nip Slip Like A Champ

Viva Italia!

Federica ain't shy Image AP/ Bruno

The gorgeous Italian model and actress Federica Felini had an innocent nip-slip this week on Italian television show Cronache Marziane which translates to The Martian Chronicles.

The program is known for being avant-garde in its guest choices, featuring drag queens, fetishists, models and actors.

Federica, a popular model in Italy who has appeared in a GUESS campaign or two, was on to promote a recent movie project involving man-eating reptiles, we think? Our Italian is a bit rusty.

Nevertheless, during her interview, as she was chatting excitedly with host Fabio Canino her wispy, pink dress flew open revealing her breasts. Understandably, the garment was very low cut and hanging on to her body for dear life – so a ‘nipple slipple’ was bound to occur.

She noticed the gaffe and quickly remedied it, exclaiming ‘Oh Mama, Oh Mama!’ in her charming native tongue.

Minutes later it happened again, though this time it took longer for her to notice, all while the surrounding audience couldn’t take their eyes off her décolletage.


Federica during her GUESS days Image GUESS


Eventually, she saw, and calmly readjusted her dress, carrying on with the conversation as if nothing happened. We think this is the proper reaction considering the human body isn’t a shameful thing.

#freethenipple we say!

Grazie Federica!

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