Gordon Ramsay Pulled A Gruesome Prank On TV Audience

This is not for the faint hearted...

Gordon Ramsay just pulled an epic prank... Image YouTube/ The Nightly Show

Gordon Ramsay pulled a gory prank on the host and audience of The Nightly Show.

The chef was a guest on the program and was demonstrating how to make a standard smoothie; he went to work the blender which he discovered was on the fritz. “For f**k’s sake,” he’s heard muttering as producers rushed to help him fix the appliance.

He then sticks his hand in the seemingly turned-off blender, telling his assistant to hold off turning it on while he tries to repair the blade. Watch below, skip to 2:44 to see the terror unfold. 


The PA doesn’t hear him, and suddenly, like something out of a horror film, you see gushes of blood spurting into his face while Ramsay screams in terror, yelling “Sh*t, F**king hell, Sh*t!” He then collapses on the ground behind the counter.

The audience looks on, virtually stunned at what is unfolding before them, while Frank Skinner who wasn’t in on the joke said, “Some of you might think this is a joke, not if you’re sitting where I’m sitting.”

After a few nail-biting moments, Ramsay pops up from his position and says, “Got you!” pointing cheekily at the audience and Skinner. We think folks got an extra few grey hairs that night.

Well played Ramsay…

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