Gordon’s guide to manners: ‘Be f–ing nice to women’

Strap in for a roasting from chef ramsay if he spots you mistreating females.

Gordon Ramsay shares his first rule of manners with Loaded
Your worst nightmare It’s ladies first with Ramsay. Image Portrait Rebecca Michael/Newspix/REX Shutterstock

“Oi! Big Boy! Think you know how to be nice to women? Then why have you got her facing the fucking wall?”

That’s what you should brace yourself for if Gordon Ramsay spots you being impolite to ladies in a very specific way.

The cook’s number one sin against women isn’t shouting at them or getting them to pick up a dinner bill – it’s making them sit with their backs to the action in a restaurant.

Ramsay, 48, who has been married to wife Tana for almost 20 years, told Loaded, “Never, ever let a lady sit in a dining room with her back to the floor. There’s nothing worse than seeing a lady stare at a wall and a guy looking at the atmosphere.”

Dad-of-four Ramsay added he’s not shy about taking action if he sees it happening at his own Michelin-starred restaurants and elsewhere.

“Every time I see a lady facing the wall with the guy looking out in a restaurant, I ask him to switch places”

He said, “Every time I walk into a restaurant and I see a lady facing the wall with the guy looking out, I ask very politely – telling him in his ear – to please switch places.”

Despite his fixation on manners, Ramsay has riled his neighbours in Cornwall with plans to demolish his £4.4million holiday home to build a five-bed villa. He filed a pre-application to knock down the property in the seaside village of Rock, Cornwall, which has been dubbed ‘Kensington-on-Sea’. But David Beckham’s best mate has been inspiring other celebs in the kitchen. Bradley Cooper plays a passionate chef in Burnt who he says he based on Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Marcus Wareing.

Ramsay’s daughter is also following in his footsteps. The veteran chef’s 13-year-old girl Matilda is filming the second series of her CBBC cooking show Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch, after cooking for James Corden on his US TV chatshow.

Ramsay beamed, “Matilda is definitely up to the challenge of cooking dishes to my standard. She’s a dynamic 13-year-old who is loving, absolutely loving, cooking. She’s amazing.”

Ramsay concluded by telling us Vietnam was his current cooking paradise. “The food is incredible there,” he said. “It’s so vibrant. There’s very little dairy and it’s an oasis for any chef.”

Presumably the men know to face the wall there too.

“You fucking donkey!” Expect this from Ramsay if you’re not gentlemanly enough.
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