Googling Amy Schumer could do your computer some serious harm

It’s not much better when it comes to Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez either.

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Googling Amy Schumer could be the worst decision of your life with the comedian ranked as the most dangerous celebrity to search for online in 2016.

That’s according to Intel, with the technology giants ranking Schumer as the most dangerous cyber celebrity in the world today.

Part of the company’s 10th annual list of the most dangerous celebs on the web today, Schumer’s name is now the most likely on the web to be associated with harmful malware.

The Trainwreck star has replaced DJ Armin Van Buuren in the not-so-coveted top spot, finishing just ahead of Justin Bieber with Carson Daily, Will Smith and Rihanna rounding off the top five.

Amy Schumer in Trainwreck
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It’s something of a common practice for cybercriminals to use celeb names to lure unsuspecting folk to download potentially damaging software, having been tricked with anything from the promise of a new movie to some potentially salacious material.

Based on data gleaned from McAfee security software, Intel found that users face a 16 per cent chance of heading to a site containing malware where your sensitive personal data could potentially be at risk.

Here’s the top 10, for US searches, in full.

1. Amy Schumer – 16.11%
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2. Justin Bieber – 15%
3. Carson Daly – 13.44%
3. (tie) Will Smith – 13.44%
5. Rihanna – 13.33%
6. Miley Cyrus – 12.67%
7. Chris Hardwick – 12.56%
8. Daniel Tosh – 11.56%
9. Selena Gomez – 11.11%
9. (tie) Ke$ha – 11.11%

Who knew Smith was still that popular on Google? Then again, no one saw After Earth did they…

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