Google Maps users spot something terrifying lurking in cemetery on Street View

Is that a g-g-g-ghost?

FOOTAGE OF two ghostly apparitions caught on Google Maps Street View lurking in a cemetery has left fans of the supernatural online utterly baffled.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, two ethereal figures can be seen lurking in a leafy church cemetery.

The images from the cemetery, which is thought to be that of Martha Chapel in Texas, show a small girl peering from behind a tree.

Another image captured a mysterious cloaked figure who is also in the shot, lurking among the gravestones.

Prompting more questions than answers, the video has already amassed well over 20,000 views with followers divided between those who believe in the supernatural and those who don’t.

“The first one looks like definitive proof of something,” one believer commented underneath.

Another, by contrast, seemed far less impressed, simply replying “meh” to the clip.


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