Good reef: 2016’s hottest beach bums calendar

No faces needed. Apparently.

Reef Calendar
The girls are back... Whoever they are.

South American surf brand Reef have revealed the stars of their 2016 calendar. Well, their bums at least.

This year’s edition was headed up by snapper Kate Bellm and was captured along the lagoons and woodlands of the Pacific Mexican coast.

On the off chance that you’re still reading the words, you might want to know that the Reef ladies rarely put names to their, erm, faces and prefer to remain anonymous.

According to Reef, the photographer perfectly captured the brand’s mischievous side.

Reef say: “Kate took an edgy perspective, but retained the mystery of Miss Reef. The final result was 12 months’ worth of youth culture-driven pop art of Miss Reef in cerulean lagoons and lush tropical woodlands of the Pacific Mexican coast, all with Miss Reef falling into Bellm’s brand of mischief and adventure.” In other words: Nice ass.

The 2016 calendar was inspired by Miss Reef’s heritage combined with 60s and 70s fashion photography and youth culture.

Previous years have seen Miss Reef’s Latin American heritage captured in Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico and Ecuador.

The best-selling 2015 calendar which marked the brand’s 25th anniversary was shot on location near the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Taking a fashion-forward direction, the calendar aimed to highlight the natural beauty that surrounds the Sea of Cortez and move back to the roots of the Reef brand. 

While the faces of the models involved in the campaign are never revealed, they are supposed to be a symbol of how the brothers who founded the chain view the surfing lifestyle. Which seemingly is just backsides without faces as opposed to surf boards or flipflops, but each to their own.

The Reef brand was founded in 1990 by Argentine brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre. The Miss Reef Calendar 2016 is available now through Reef’s website at £10.




Miss Reef Calendar
Bottom's up Complete with some blurred lines.


Reef Three
Careful now! This one is definitely going to get stung.


Reef Calendar
Great barrier reef An action shot from deep below land level.


Reef calendar
Peace out The calendar was shot along the Mexican coastline which can nearly be spotted in the background.


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