Good news David Cameron! Jeremy Clarkson wants to remain in the EU

The former Top Gear man actually agrees with James May on this one.

The Grand Tour Amazon Jeremy Clarkson
The Grand Tour James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond return. Image Picture Amazon

In news that could have Nigel Farage choking on his customary pint of ale, Jeremy Clarkson has come out in support of remaining in the European Union.

Clarkson has long been a favourite of those seeking a return to “good old English values” – something that apparently can only be achieved by leaving the EU.

So we imagine a few Brexiters will now be cancelling their Amazon Prime subscriptions, turning off the Top Gear repeats on Dave and heading down to their local charity shop to donate those copies of ‘Crash, Bang, Wallop, What A Crash’ style DVDs he was once famous for.

Clarkson tied his colours to the Bremain mast during an encounter with Prime Minister David Cameron, who was completing a tour of the television production company the ex-Top Gear man owns.

Joined by familiar co-hort James May, Clarkson confirmed his rather lefty leanings when it came to Europe.

“It’s an extraordinary thing that James and I only agree on three things, which is sandwich spread is delicious, the old Subaru Legacy Outback is a good car and Britain staying in,” he told Cameron.

The comments came ahead of the launch of Clarkson’s new post-Top Gear adventure.

Entitled The Grand Tour, the new show will see Clarkson joined by May and Richard Hammond for a show that will essentially be Top Gear in all but name.

Due to be released on to Amazon Prime in October, it can’t come quick enough for many Top Gear fans, who have already voiced their disapproval of the new look show fronted by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc.

With LeBlanc and Evans reportedly set to be sidelined for the next episode of the show, however, some hope remains that the BBC can turn the programme’s flagging viewing figures round soon enough.

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