Gonzalo Higuain says he can’t stand the Napoli president

Don't hold back, Gonzalo.

Goals The Striker will be guaranteed goals for his new club

Tell us what you really think, Gonzalo.

Napoli recently sold star striker Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus for a whopping €90 million and it turns out he couldn’t have gotten out of there quick enough. 

In the aftermath of the big move Higuain sat down to the obligatory media interviews where he was asked what he thought of previous clubs Napoli owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis. Higuain blasted De Laurentiis, saying it was because of him he was leaving. 

Harsh, Gonzalo, harsh! 

“It was my decision to leave, but it was (De Laurentiis) who pushed me into making it. I’d like to thank the fans and my teammates, but not De Laurentiis. I no longer had a relationship with him; I couldn’t stand another minute with him,” The new Juve striker admitted. 

For what it’s worth the feeling seems to be mutual. 

De Laurentiis didn’t have very complimentary things to say about the €90 million striker he just sold.

“Some people say that to speak of betrayal is exaggerated, but I think the opposite because there is the full sense of betrayal in this (Higuain) choice because of the ingratitude shown,” blasted the Napoli owner. 

During his time with Napoli, the 28-year-old Higuain bagged 71 goals in 104 league games, including a record-breaking 36 in 35 games last season. There was even that time Arsenal were linked, remember Gooners?

It looks like Higuain won’t be sending any Christmas cards back to Naples any time soon.

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