Golfer Who Decapitated Goose Offers World’s Least Convincing Explanation

He was doing the goose a favour, you see?

The golf who killed a goose for bants.
Asshole in one What a douche.

The golfer who went viral after being filmed decapitating a goose with a club has offered up an explanation for his antics – and it’s not a convincing one.

In the clip, the unnamed Scandinavian man can be seen taking a hard swing at the stricken bird in an act that probably fell into the category of “bants” for those involved.

The incident left few amused though. The Helsinki-based Vantaa Golf Club, where the incident is thought to have occurred, have already banned the man for life, while the police have also been called in to investigate the incident.

In the UK, an RSPCA spokesperson also condemned the incident in a statement issued to the Metro.

“This is completely unacceptable, and would have caused the bird unthinkable suffering, they said. “Anyone who finds an injured animal should call the relevant animal welfare specialists as a matter of urgency.”

Amid the uproar that has greeted the clip, the man involved has reportedly come forward to offer an explanation.

Speaking to Finnish website Ilta-Sanomat, the unnamed male explained that he had to kill the goose after it initially became injured by one of his drives. 


According to his version of events, a bad struck the bird on the head and it was left convulsing in pain and was bleeding from the head.

He, therefore, decided to strike the bird in the back of the head as an act of kindness. An act of kindness that just happened to be captured by one of his mates on a smartphone. So kind. Not in any way meant as a bit of “fun” you see.

Could the goose have been killed in a more humane way? Was it really beyond help? Does this man work as a vet in his full-time job? We’ll let you decide the answers to those questions.

In the meantime, here’s a video of a goose being hit by a golf ball and “miraculously” surviving. Hmmm.

This guy seems to have gotten away with animal cruelty but not everyone does – here are five big game hunters who ended up meeting a sticky end at the hands of the animals they were trying to kill.
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