Going For A Run Can Really Boost Your Sex Drive

Dust off those trainers and get out there...

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Sometimes it’s hard to work up the motivation to go for a run, but knowing it can improve your sex life might help with that.

According to an expert, you can trick yourself into being turned on by getting the heart rate going during a jog; it mimics the body’s reaction to arousal.

The word for this happening is ‘transfer of expectation.’ So seeing your partner in all their glory right after a cardio session can lead to another form of exercise if you know what we mean. Your body is raring to go.


It’s a better method than oysters or chocolate, which are often described as aphrodisiacs. The expert goes further to discredit all forms of aphrodisiacs; they simply don’t work, she told The Times.

So better get those running shoes sorted. It’s not just about heart rate; exercising can affect sex drive down to a cellular level.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who do short, intense exercises sessions lasting 20-60 minutes three times a week have an increase in testosterone, “which contributes to increased sexual desire and confidence.’

There you go, now there are no excuses to start pounding the asphalt.

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