Goalkeeper sent off after showing penis to opposition fans

Bego Hidić found a unique way to answer the heckles of rival supporters.

Football red cardImage Picture Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Bosnian goalkeeper Bego Hidić found himself heading in for a very early bath after taking a stand against rowdy rival supporters…by flashing his penis at them.

The 20-year-old shot-stopper was playing for NK Slaven Zivinice against OFK Gradina when the incident occurred.

Heckled by Gradina fans throughout the game, Hidić was a prime target due to the fact he had switched from OFK to NK for £21,000 last August and was therefore viewed as something of a traitor.

NK Slaven Zivinice goalkeeper Bego Hidić.
Bego Hidić. Image SC Sport

But rather than ignore the fan taunts as an unfortunate part of the game for most professionals, Hidić did something never before seen at this level: he exposed himself to the hecklers in a bid to silence their taunts.

However, as SC Sport reports, the act of “showing genitals to the audience” did not have the desired effect with Hidic ultimately sent-off before the first half had even been completed.

Hidić could now face further disciplinary action either internally or through the Bosnian Football Association. Not to mention the fact it left him looking like a bit of a prick.

He probably feels like a total dick about it too.

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