Go Behind The Scenes On The Weirdest Sexy Calendar Of 2017

The weirdest, but sexiest shoot of the year.

Carponizer Calendar
Carponizer The best erotic calendar of 2017 Image Carponizer

Erotic calendars are ten a penny this time of year, but one company took us totally by surprise when they released the weirdest sexy calendar we’ve ever seen a few weeks back.

Sure, Kelly Brook and Kylie Jenner’s calendars might be two of the most popular on the market, but the only one loaded really cares about is the Carponizer.

The calendar treats customers to pictures of stunning models holding giant freshwater fish. Why, you ask? Well… why the hell not?

It’s the most popular sports-themed calendar in Germany, and it’s not hard to see why it’s got so many people interested.

The models look incredible in the pictures, and the girls don’t look bad either…

Creator of the calendar Hendrik Pohler got in touch with loaded to share an exclusive behind the scenes look at the shoot. See all the action below:

The models deal with the shoot very professionally, even when they’re holding a 200-pound Carp in their arms.

It’s a pretty bizarre idea for a calendar, so what’s the inspiration behind it? Pohler describes it on Amazon as “one of the most extraordinary ideas to present this magnificent fish in an attractive setting.”

It’s the second yearly instalment of the calendar, which is spreading the message of ‘carpe diem’ all over the world.

Carponizer is available now on Amazon.de for 18.95 Euro and ships worldwide.

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