From LimeWire To MSN Messenger: This Website Lets You Download Old School Software

Great Scott! is a website dedicated to nostalgia in the form of old software.

Their archive contains programs for both Windows and Mac that date all the way back to the nineties. We all remember MSN Messenger and ICQ. How about LimeWire and Kazaa? They’ve got it. They also claim to have spyware and virus free downloads, so fire up that old macintosh and get to downloading. 

Here are some Loaded suggestions for what you should grab at first. 


MSN Messenger 1.0

The one and only from 1999, when our emails were things like,,, etc. Sigh, those were the days. 




We’re not glorifying thievery but hey, everyone stole music off the internet back in the day and LimeWire was one of the preferred get away cars after Napster got the boot. 




The sound of the whistle synonymous with ICQ can set our sense memory ablaze. It’s like a DeLorean whipping us back to teenage-hood for any nineties and early noughties kids. Get the original for some serious deja vu. 


Mine Sweeper 

Ah, who doesn’t remember trying in vain to defeat those pesky, spiky mines in this beloved game? Download the original from 2001 and try another round. 


Flux Capacitor, Fluxing. 

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