Glow In The Dark Doughnuts Might Be The Ultimate Midnight Snack

These look radioactive and delicious...

These doughnuts will light you up... Image Black Star Bakery/ Instagram

A pastry store in Australia just unveiled innovative glow in the dark doughnuts guaranteed to make midnight snacking MUCH easier.

Black Star Pastry from down under is known for their interesting confections, including a Strawberry Watermelon Cake that has been hailed as the most Instagrammed cake in the world.

Not too shabby. They’re back with the “Glownut” which might just beat their famous cake to the punch.

Tried our newest creation yet? The GLOWNUT – glow in the dark doughnuts. Only at our @vividsydney pop-up in Martin Place.

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The doughnut is an ode to the Vivid Festival, which is the largest light show in the world and Black Star Bakery owner Christopher Thé told Daily Mail Australia how this concept came about,

“I was thinking hard about a way to tie in food with lights,” he said. “And glow-in-the-dark popped in my head.”

It took the better part of a year to create the edible glowing formula which is made from a combination of yuzu glaze and vitamin B which glows under a blacklight.

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus-like fruit that tastes like a mix of an orange and lemon, the doughnut itself is a light brioche-like pastry. All in all, it sounds delectable.

“We thought it would be fun to see people with glow-in-the-dark icing all over their hands and faces, so doughnuts were the natural choice,” said Thé.

loaded can’t think of a better way to enjoy a doughnut. We need the “Glownut” in London ASAP.

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