‘Glamour puss’ purse made from dead cat fetches over $500 in online auction

No animals were killed or hurt to create this piece. The cat was already dead.

The cat purse made from an actual dead cat.
The Cat Purse Yours for just... Image Trade Me

Searching for that must-have fashion accessory to really bring your new look together? Have you ever considered turning one of your dead pets into a handbag?

If the answer is no – and it should be – then more fool you, because you are not only missing out on next season’s killer look but also an item that could earn you some serious cash.

Don’t believe us? Then why not speak to the New Zealander who made some $545 after selling a handbag made almost entirely out of a dead cat on the TradeMe website.

A purse made from a dead cat.
That's a striking look. Cat purses are in. Image Trade Me

Nicknamed Tom this “one off glamour puss purse” is apparently ideal “for the girl that has everything” and will “grab attention where ever you go” as well as a few fleas besides.

While the seller goes to unusual lengths to insist “no animals were killed or hurt to create this piece” they do warn that it is not for the “faint hearted.”

It’s difficult to disagree, with this ginger-tabby-turned-fashion-accessory boasting a rather unnerving cat’s head, complete with a dead soulless stare and pricked up ears.

Part art deco, part taxidermists dream, the item nevertheless went down well with the punters.

The purse made from a dead cat.
The stare. It will haunt your soul forever. Image Trade Me

Having gone on sale with a reserve price of just $1, a flurry of bids saw the pussy purse eventually sold for $545, with a bidding war between two interested parties decided in the very last second, after the winner upped their bid by $5 more than their competitor.

And with a total of 44 bids registered, it’s pretty clear to see that the demand for cat-based accessories is pretty high.

Just don’t start going on the hunt for “materials” to design your very own – seriously, we’re not serial killers.

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