Would You Give Up One Of Your Fingers For Fantastic Sex?

A new survey has discovered that great sex is worth the sacrifice

What would you give up for sex? Image pixabay

What would you give up for great sex? Booze? Your first child? A finger? A group of men were asked, and they answered, looks like only one appendage is worth keeping.

Website Dr. Ed played a little “Would You Rather?” with both Europeans AND Americans; they wanted to know what the majority would give up for sex.

According to the results, a whopping 75.2% would give up booze for bonking, while partying came in at a close second with 73.4%.

Dr. Ed Image Dr. Ed

Pizza and mobiles seemed to be more precious, and travelling was the one thing they would never risk.

Yet, the most interesting question posed out of all was whether any of the participants would give up a FINGER for a little action. We’re not sure if we’re surprised that 82% of the men queried stated that yes, they would relinquish a pinkie. Hopefully, it would be worth it.

Other physical attributes the dudes would hand over include sight and an arm. Which is crazy guys, come on.

Dr. Ed Image Dr. Ed

Social media came out on top over everything else as the one thing men would relinquish. It seems that everyone is getting a little sick of sexting and would prefer more physical contact.

We don’t blame them.

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