Girlfriend’s Car Sex Prank Backfires After Boyfriend Totally Flips Out

This is why you should never trick your partner.

Prank goes wrong
Prank backfires This is why you should never trick your partner Image YouTube/DerekDeso

Pranks are almost never a good idea when it comes to relationships.

We’ve seen girlfriends tricked, scared, and even dumped in the name of ‘hilarious’ pranks recently, and of course there was the case of YouTube pranksters Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, who went through a very public split after years of pranking took their toll.

None of it bodes well for a new video from YouTuber Derek Deso’s channel, which sees his girlfriend play a pretty nasty trick on him.

Watch the video below:

The clip, which has racked up over three and a half million views since going live last year, sees her pretended to have sex with a stranger in Derek’s car, which obviously didn’t go down too well.

Derek saw his car rocking back and forth, and assuming the worst, went to confront her friend. Even after he realised it was a prank, Derek took offense and ended up cutting his hand after striking the car.

You might think the prank is a tad harsh, but in reality the girlfriend was only getting her own back after Derek pranked her really bad a while back.


In one of the worst pranks we’ve ever seen on YouTube, Derek dropped snakes on her while she was sleeping, and she was understandably absolutely terrified.

Let this be a lesson, guys – relationships and pranking don’t aren’t a good mix.

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