Girl Lives To Regret Spying On Boyfriend With Sexy Personal Trainer

It was the second time she went on the hidden camera show

A young woman from Mexico City has been left ruing the decision to test her boyfriend’s fidelity on a hidden camera honey trap show for the second time.

“To Catch A Cheater” is a concept that needs little in the way of an introduction.

Hidden cameras are set up to record an individual who is then presented with the opportunity to cheat on their partner.

Little does said individual realise that their partner is watching on nearby. It’s basically a mix of Mystery Diners and the hit series Cheaters, except on YouTube.

Anyway, in the latest episode, a young lady returned to the show for a second bite at the cherry. In a previous episode, her boyfriend at the time was exposed as a major sleaze.

Now living down in Mexico City, she decided to return to the series and put her new beau to the test during a private workout session. It went badly. Very badly.

Andrea, the attractive trainer sent in to seduce him, wastes little time in getting him in some compromising positions, while throwing in a few sound effects for good measure.

It soon does the trick with the boyfriend suggesting they go for a drink together while insisting he is single and merely “dating some chicks”.

His girlfriend then calls him up only for the boyfriend to claim his new trainer is male, rather than female.

It all goes downhill from there and gets pretty ugly for all involved.

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