Giraffe Smashes Idiot Couple’s Car Window During Safari Park Visit

Some people are so dumb it hurts.

Breaking the rules can be fun sometimes.

However, on some occasions, it’s probably better to heed the warnings and regulations set out in front of you. Like when you are visiting a safari park full of live animals, for instance.

Or at least that was the assumed norm. One couple from the West Midlands are bucking the trend though and looking all the dumber for doing so.

In a video that has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons, the couple decided the flout the rules in place at the West Midlands Safari Park with very bad results.

The park asks that all drivers wind their windows up at least half way up and to feed animals by stretching their arm out of the open gap.These two numbskulls opted to ignore that though, winding their windows all the way down to greet an approaching giraffe.

It all seemed to be going fine enough, despite the obvious stupidity, until the giraffe in question stuck its head in the car.

Panicking in the worst possible way, the female passenger began winding the window up only for the glass to smash.

It’s unclear as to whether the giraffe was hurt but it could easily be. Dumb and completely avoidable, the incident does at least serve as a reminder of the important of sticking to the rules and not being a dumbass.

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