Ginsters Have Given Their Cheese & Onion Pasty A Major Upgrade

The pasty kings are pulling out all the stops with their new pastry-based creation.

The new Ginsters cheese and onion pasty.
The new Ginsters cheese and onion pasty. Image Ginsters

Ginsters is a name forever associated with one particular type of food: pasties.

A trusted and reliable provider of pastry-based sustenance, whether it be via the supermarket or a random motorway petrol station, Ginsters has always set the benchmark for shop-bought pasties.

All of which makes the news that Ginsters has developed a new and improved version of that familiar classic, the cheese & onion pasty, damn near newsworthy.

It’s a popular option for anyone prepping for a night on the booze or in the hours that follow the night before, when your head is pounding and you’re in dire need of something to soak up all that alcohol.

Also the preferred choice for picnics and packed lunches far and wide, Ginsters has always set the bar for snacks enjoyed either hot or cold.

And that bar may have just been set a little higher with the arrival of the Cornish Cheddar & Caramelised Onion pasty.

Possibly the fanciest cheese & onion pasty you’ve ever known, this beauty is the work of
Cornish Head Chef Chris Eden and the Ginsters development chefs, who have been busy giving this classic combination a modern and fresh twist.

Made using Cornish extra mature cheddar along with sweet and tender caramelised onions, spring onions and a hint of wholegrain mustard, it tastes even better than it sounds.

The Ginsters Piri Piri Slice.
The Ginsters Piri Piri Slice. Image Ginsters

It’s also only the tip of the Cornish pasty when it comes to the exciting new ranges arriving from Ginsters. There’s also a Moroccan Vegetable Pasty, made using butternut squash, chickpeas, roasted red peppers and harissa.

Ginsters has also gone a bit healthy too, with the arrival of two lower calorie slices containing less than 375 calories each.

This includes a Wagamama-inspired Ginsters Katsu Chicken Slice (370 calories) which is a fragrant blend of creamy coconut milk, spring onions and garlic in a Katsu curry sauce and a Ginsters Piri Piri Chicken Slices, which is basically a Nando’s pasty.

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