GIANT UFO Spotted Rising Out Of The Ocean

Aliens are real, and they're coming out of the sea...

UFO Proof that aliens exist?

We’re pretty used to reports of UFOs being spotted in the sky these days, but we’ve never heard of a UFO rising out the ocean before… until now.

Terrified crew members working on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico recently reported sightings of a HUGE alien craft, which emerged from the sea during a terrifying encounter of the fourth kind.

According to a report made to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), the witnesses saw an alien craft a whole five times bigger than the 240 feet oil rig supply ship they were sailing on.

The report said: “At close to 7pm on March 21, just before dusk, myself and four of the crew members aboard our vessel saw a craft that appeared to be five times our 240 feet vessel in length.

Venus UFO?

The incident took place last week 80 miles southeast of New Orleans. It was reported two days later, and the case has baffled and intrigued UFO comparatists ever since.

An unnamed crew member described the sighting, saying: “My line of sight was about 1/4 mile from our vessel. There was a rig behind the craft about a half a mile away.”

He added: “I used this to help gauge the size of the craft. The craft rose up out of the water about 40 feet, but no water was dripping from the craft.”

UFOs have reportedly been spotted in some weird and wonderful places recently. Nottingham is the latest area affected, after residents heard bizarre ‘alien trumpet’ sounds late at night.

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