Giant penis graffiti finds its way onto Tour de France

Can you spot the oh-so-subtle dick drawing picked up by TV cameras?

Did you see it?

With 198 riders competing across a 21-day course, spread over 2,000 miles of idyllic Gallic landscape, the Tour de France is a multi-stage bicycle race like no other.

But just because the Tour is special doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to a bit of juvenile humour every now and then.

At school, it was common to find text books emblazoned with any number of scribbled drawings and, in approximately 99% of cases involving adolescent boys, said sketches tended to focus on one thing: dicks.

Yet anyone who may have thought that dick drawings stayed within the confines of the school and playground were proven wrong during a live broadcast from the Tour de France.

Because, in an act of brilliantly juvenile defiance, one onlooker evidently took it upon himself to draw a dick on the road that was being used in the multi-stage race.

And not just any dick either: this dick was huge, so huge in fact that the cameras really couldn’t do anything to avoid it.


Drawn onto the road using what looked like a white-spray paint, the offending member was also presented in marvelous detail.

Penis head complete with life-like bell end? Check.

Veiny, throbbing shaft? Of course.

Hairy balls? You betcha.

All in all, it was a superb effort and could even eclipse the achievements of the riders themselves, for sheer artistry and endeavour.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.34.06

Then again, maybe loaded is getting carried away. It was just a dick drawing, after all.

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