The Ghostbusters Honest trailer is pretty brutal

They ain't afraid of no comments section...

Ghostbusters (2016)Image Sony/Columbia Pictures

When the new version of Ghostbusters with its all-female cast was revealed back in 2015, the announcement became overshadowed by a flurry of online negativity aimed at the film.

Some were questioning, perhaps fairly, that there shouldn’t be a Ghostbusters reboot at all as the original 1984 film is a much-loved classic and should just be left alone.

Some views were, shall we say, a little less politically correct in that the main vocal point of their displeasure seemed to stem from the decision to go with an all-female cast.

When the film was eventually released in July of this year, it received mixed reviews from critics. It was nowhere near the disaster some had pre-empted but it was far from perfect either.

It was inevitable that the good folk over at Screen Junkies would cast their honest trailer eyes over this reboot at some point and now the trailer is online, and it’s fair to say it is quite a brutal assessment.

Watch the Ghostbusters honest trailer below:

The video was released with the decision to disable the comments section. Considering what’s happened in the past, we can’t exactly blame them.

So what do you think of the trailer? Too harsh… Not harsh enough?

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