Ghostbusters 3 with the original cast has already happened – and it’s free to watch on YouTube

What are the nerds complaining about?

Ghostbusters 1984 original cast Bill MurrayImage Picture Sony

Despite the new all-female Ghostbusters arriving on the back of positive reviews, many of the film’s haters just can’t be silenced.

All surviving members of the original Ghostbusters team make cameo appearances, but the fact they aren’t playing Proton Pack-wielding pensioner versions of Venkman, Stantz and Zeddemore is a a bone of contention.

But here’s the thing: Ghostbusters 3 exists already, you’ve just completely missed it.

Back in 2009 Atari released Ghostbusters: The Video Game, a sequel featuring all four original main stars and a fresh storyline – scripted by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis – taking place two years after the events of Ghostbusters 2.

“My rap now to people is: ‘This is essentially the third movie.'”

Released on PlayStation 2, 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Windows, the game saw players take on the role of a rookie Ghostbuster being trained up by the original team.

The storyline revolved around Ivo Shandor, the architect who designed the building at 55 Central Park West used to summon Gozer, possessing the Mayor of New York and attempting to merge the real world and the ghost world.

It’s a plot straight from Dan Aykroyd’s aborted Ghostbusters: Hellbent sequel script from the 90s.

Adding true Ghostbusters authenticity was a voice cast that reunited Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Aykroyd and Ramis, alongside William Atherton (Walter Peck) and Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz).

Not only that, but Max von Sydow reprised the voice of Vigo the Carpathian, Alyssa Milano played a descendant of Shando (and romantic foil for Murray), Mr Stay Puft and Slimer were present, and Ray Parker Jr’s theme music got an outing.

Aykroyd told Now Gamer of the game at the time: “My rap now to people is: ‘This is essentially the third movie.’ And it’s better than the third movie because it lasts longer and there’s more development of the characters.

“The guys have done a great job putting story layers in there that I can begin to embellish and work with. And I tell people this: ‘If you have an appetite for the third movie, then the videogame is it.’ And I really do believe that at this point from having seen what they’ve done there.”

One YouTuber has cobbled together gameplay footage and cut scenes to make a 2-hour 2-minute feature-length movie version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

So if you’re that desperate to watch a blokes-only Ghostbusters 3 then here it is…

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