All those years spent playing computer games could finally pay off.


Someone Is Advertising A Job Where You Get Paid To Play FIFA

By Jack Beresford

February 15, 2018

Being good at FIFA isn’t just about bragging rights with your mates anymore – it could now lead to a lucrative career where you are paid to play the popular football simulator.

Where once computer games were viewed as expensive wastes of time, now being adept at the hugely popular soccer title could leave you seriously quids-in.

It’s all thanks to the UK-based online service Bidvine, which matches customers with local service professionals. The company has just posted an advert calling for Pro FIFA coaches.

They are looking to recruit a team of talented FIFA players to serve as coaches for the less skilled gamers among us.

It gets better though; they are willing to pay gamers for their time, with successful applicants set to earn a minimum of £15 an hour for their FIFA-based services.

You’ve got to be pretty damn good though – only applicants who play in Division 1 within an Online Season or FIFA Ultimate Team will be accepted.

Applicants will need to submit a photo along with their game info. A working Playstation 4 or X Box One, along with a strong wireless connection, are also essential.

As part of the role, FIFA Pro Coaches will be required to spectate on matches and provide real-time, in-play advice to gamers.

This coaching service is already available for gamers playing Call of Duty WW2, while there are plans in place to roll out the service across 10 other games in the near future including Battlefront, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Forza!

In the meantime, if you fancy yourself as a FIFA extraordinaire this is your chance to prove in and earn some serious coin in the process.

The job ad is just the latest in a line of dream roles to be advertised online. A couple of weeks back, loaded brought you news of another vacancy calling for someone to test chicken nuggets for a leading frozen foods supermarket chain.

Maybe you could combine the two roles? FIFA and chicken nuggets sounds like a winning combination to us.