You Can Now Get Married At Wetherspoons For An Absolute Bargain Price

Maybe avoid booking your special day on a Wednesday - that's chicken club.

They say your wedding day ranks among the best and most important days of your life. A day to treasure in the company of friends, family and the one you love.

It’s also a day for those close to you to celebrate your nuptials, eat, drink and be merry.

So, the news that Wetherspoons are set to offer wedding services for as little as £3,000-a-pop will come as music to the ears of grooms and guests alike.

Whether there are any brides out there that grew up dreaming of one day tying the knot in a branch of the UK’s leading pub chain is another matter – but £3,000 gets you a hell of a lot further with Wetherspoons than it does anywhere else.

Weddings are notoriously expensive, with pretty much everyone who is anyone seeking a substantial pay-off for their services on your big day. Research published by The Independent revealed the average cost of a standard wedding in the UK had reached in excess of £27,000 by 2017.

Wedding Crashers

Wetherspoons are taking all that stress out of it though. For that flat £3,000 price, couples can look forward to a three-course meal for 100 guests as well as table decorations and a DJ.

It’s unclear whether the meal will be in line with whatever is on the Wetherspoons menu that day – get married on a Tuesday and you might be part of steak club but leave it to later in the week and it might end up being curry club or, worse still, Fish Friday – but it is a Godsend.

Stories of couples getting married in their local branch of KFC or McDonald’s are pretty common these days and are designed to induce sniggers and snide remarks among readers – but they kind of miss the point.

These people are getting married there because they have been priced out of pretty much every other venue and would rather get married than wait a decade to spend a ton of money that could probably be used elsewhere.

A Wetherspoons employee pulls a pint.

Should Wetherspoons wedding service gamble pay off, then we could see a whole raft of cheap alternative service options emerge.

With cheap drinks on offer and plenty of food, lots of couples could well be intrigued by the idea. And put it this way: wouldn’t you rather put that money towards a Honeymoon or deposit on a house rather than a wedding? Exactly.

The service is only being offered at Templar’s Bar in London, which is a licensed marriage venue. But, if successful, more venues will follow across the UK.

Now it’s just a case of getting all those brides-to-be to agree to it.

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