German goalkeeper questioned by police after 43-0 defeat

Some performances are so criminal that they actually warrant criminal prosecution.

German fans celebrate
German fans celebrate Hang on a minute...

The role of the goalkeeper is a damned one: left in the shadows while the attacking talent hogs the limelight, the only time they truly grab the attention is via some horrendous cock-up that usually results in a goal for the opposition.

SV Vonderort shot-stopper Marco Kwiotekhas had it worse than most though.

It all started when the 25-year-old found himself in goal for Vonderort’s 43-0 loss to rivals PSV Oberhausen, in a low level German league match.

Not only was the defeat a record but it could have been much worse – SV were 35-0 down and half-time and at one point could only field eight players, leading PSV to remove three of their own to even up the numbers and reduce the embarrassment.

Not that it made much of a difference with the eight goals shipped in the second half still a fairly sizeable tally for a team that was supposed to be steadying the ship.

But just when Kwiotek thought things couldn’t get any worse, just five days later police arrived at Vonderort’s training ground near Dortmund to take the goalkeeper away for questioning, according to German publication Express.

“They just want to clear some things up,” Kwiotek told his teammates as he strolled away from the ground.

Despite his relaxed manner, Kwiotek has so far failed to answer his phone since or comment to the press.

Do they really think Kwiotek was trying to rig the match though? After all, surely losing 43-0 is not the kind of scoreline you would want to rack up if you were trying to fix a match – it’s not exactly subtle.

The more likely scenario, to loaded at least, is that the policemen were actually hardcore Vonderort fans, far from happy at the shot-stopper’s performance and out to give him a bit of a scare.

That or they want to dispatch their own brand of justice.

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