O'Shea Jackson Jr will also return for the follow-up to Butler's solid action effort.


Gerard Butler Returning For London Set Den Of Thieves Sequel

By Jack Beresford

February 14, 2018

Gerard Butler and O’Shea Jackson Jr. will return for more high-stakes, high octane, bank heist action after plans for a Den of Thieves sequel were confirmed.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jackson Jr and Butler have both signed on to star in a sequel to the sleeper hit, along with director Christian Gudegast.

Gudegast previously wrote London Has Fallen starring Butler and it looks like the pair could be returning to the streets of the English capital for this follow-up too.

Without giving away too much about the first film, which boasted enough twists to make even M.Night Shyalaman blush, the action looked set to be heading to London and an entirely new target within the heart of the English financial sector.

The first film saw Butler’s “Big Nick” Flanagan and his crack team from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on the hunt for a group of sophisticated bank robbers.

Plans for a more European-centric sequel appear to have been confirmed in the report by THR, which offered up the following synopsis-of-sorts for Den of Thieves 2:

“The sequel picks up with Big Nick (Butler) tracking down bad guys on the streets of Europe and getting closer to capturing Donnie (Jackson). Donnie, meanwhile, has become caught up in the dangerous world of diamond thieves and the Panther mafia, as a heist on the world’s largest diamond exchange is being planned.”

With the film set to potentially move from London to other glamourous locations around Europe and potentially even Israel – the home of the world’s largest diamond exchange – the sequel looks set to deliver more of the same.

Butler is not a film star known for nuance or subtlety but what he does consistently deliver is ball-to-the-wall action movies that are big, dumb but also a lot of fun.

Den of Thieves was actually a cut above that though, with the film’s central heist proving memorable and the film anchored by solid central performances from Butler and Jackson.

50 Cent and Pablo Schreiber were both excellent too and all the omens suggest the sequel will be well worth a watch.

There’s no word yet on a release date but it will likely be at some point in 2019.