Georgia Congressman Pranked By Sacha Baron Cohen Resigning After Backlash

He dropped his trousers and repeatedly said the 'n-word'. There's no way back from that.

Jason Spencer, the Georgia state lawmaker who was filming dropping his trousers, baring his naked arse and screaming the ‘n-word’ on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? Has announced his resignation.

Spencer will leave office effective July 31st and, given his bizarre performance on the satirical comedy series, that’s hardly much of a shock.

Well almost. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Spencer has promised to remain in office and serve out the final five months of his term.

But after 48 hours of relentless mockery, an appearance in which Spencer was tricked into believing, among other things, that Al-Qaeda is so homophobic they can be disarmed simply by flashing your bare bum at them, he’s decided enough is enough.

His exit was confirmed in a letter submitted to Georgia House Speaker David Ralston who had described Spencer’s actions and language on the comedy series “reprehensible.”

On Who Is America? Spencer was part of a skit featuring Cohen as a character named Col. Erran Morad, a ‘former Mossad’ anti-terrorism expert.

The appearance saw the pair discuss anti-terrorism techniques and Spencer’s continued support for a burqa ban in the US.

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