Gemma Arterton Explains Why She Would Never Play A Bond Girl Now

The gorgeous actress didn't hold back...

Gemma Arterton in Quantum Of Solace
Strawberry Fields Gemma Arterton in Quantum Of Solace. Image Picture MGM/Eon

Gemma Arterton has said that if she were offered a Bond girl role now, she’d turn it down.

We all remember Gemma Arterton’s performance as the gorgeous MI6 agent Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace. She and Bond tried valiantly to save the world, but not before having a roll in the sheets.

It was a memorable performance and helped to propel Arterton into stardom. However, when asked by ES Magazine if she’d tackle the role again, she gave a surprising and resounding no.

Gemma in her famous role... Image MGM

“I don’t want to slag off that film because I really enjoyed it – I was 21, and it was a trip,” the now-31-year-old actress told the magazine, adding: “But would I do it now? No.”

She then went on to say that she believes that many of the roles in her early career were accepted because she felt the need to grab as many opportunities as she could.

“Coming from a working-class background — we were poor — then going to a drama school where they tell you, and rightly so, that you’re probably not going to work most of the time, and suddenly being given all these opportunities when I left,” she explained.

Now that she is established in the entertainment world, Arterton can be more choosy with the characters she plays. “I am grateful — it set me up… But it sits badly with me when I make something I’m not proud of, or doesn’t say what I want to say,” she added.

gemma arterton
Gemma in her role as Joan of Arc Image

Arterton is doing just that, she set up a production company called Rebel Park in 2014 and has done a slew of theatre since. She recently wowed audiences with her role as Joan of Arc in Saint Joan.

Still, we’re glad she brought Strawberry Fields to life once upon a time.

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