Gary Lineker Is Endorsing A New App Which Could Help People Cheat

But there's an explanation...

Gary Lineker at Wimbledon
Gary Lineker The face of the BBC's Match of the Day. Image Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Gary Lineker has been regarded as one of the nicest guys in football for decades, but his squeaky clean image could be at risk after endorsing a controversial new app.

The England legend and Match of the Day host has lent his support to a new application which could make it easier for people to have affairs.

The app, named Flipper, allows users to register a selection of numbers on one device and sells itself as a service which lets customers “stay private [and] be flexible”.

Having more than one number on your phone, as well as a separate answer machine through the app, could be used for all kinds of things, not least keeping things private from your significant other…

His involvement in the project might seem a little unusual, but don’t worry Lineker fans, there is an explanation.

The app is being developed by Gary’s son George, who previously launched a music app named GetSung back in 2013.

Gary and George Lineker
Father and son Gary and George Lineker Image Getty Images/Stuart C Wilson

Speaking about the app, Gary said: “To have a separate number without having to carry around two phones is useful.

“Personally, I will use it for business contacts within the press and media but I can imagine the app will serve many a purpose.”

There are plenty of apps and services out there that help people keep their extra-marital affairs secret, and Ashley Madison is notorious for being the most popular service aimed specifically at people looking to start affairs.

While Flipper isn’t aimed specifically at helping people cover up affairs, it has been suggested by internet users that the app could be used for that purpose.

George has been posting about Flipper on Twitter, and he recently posted this pretty hilarious video which shows how it might be used. 

Whichever way you choose to use it, Flipper is available to purchase from between £1.99 and £3.99 a month.

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