Garth Crooks Slams Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp In Extraordinary Rant

Hell hath no fury like a Garth Crooks scorned.

Garth Crooks Five minutes into a 10 minute reaction to a goal Image BBC Sport

BBC Football pundit and notorious wind-bag Garth Crooks has launched a bizarre and completely unwarranted attack on Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Crooks has made no secret of his disdain for the Reds in the past, having previously suggested that Liverpool could be candidates for relegation this season. Okay Garth.

The ex-Tottenham star’s latest rant was even stranger, however, with Crooks kicking off about the fact Klopp celebrated all of Liverpool’s goals during their 5-1 away win at Brighton and that the German then spent time congratulating his players at the final whistle. The fool.

Writing in his Team of The Week column, Crook’s picked Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino for inclusion in the starting 11, but seemed more concerned with giving his two cents on an issue most people probably couldn’t give a toss about.

“Losing 5-1 is no fun, especially when Reds manager Jurgen Klopp is fist-pumping every goal and celebrating with his staff like it’s the final of the Champions League,” Crooks began.

They won 5-1, Garth. Away.

“I understand the importance of winning, but this was Brighton. What I do take exception to is any manager being kept waiting to shake hands once a game has finished, while his opposite number finishes hugging and kissing his players and staff in celebration of their victory.”

Yes. How dare Klopp congratulate his players. Players who constantly single the German out for praise over his man-management – Sadio Mane recently described Klopp as something akin to a football father. But yes, Garth obviously knows better.

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp The Liverpool boss Image Getty Images

Not content with ranting his way through two whole paragraphs, Crooks proceeded to go all “it was different in my day” with a few more comments lamenting the state of the game today.

“What is happening to the traditions of this great game? Has winning and money destroyed everything we hold dear? The convention is we shake hands immediately after a game because it brings closure to the occasion, and it starts with the managers. The game’s conventions are bigger than any manager or player, and if either can’t be bothered to perform the duty, I suggest they find another profession that can afford their bad manners.”

Crooks is sounding increasingly out of touch in recent times, having previously ranted against players like Paul Pogba for dancing and daring to dye their hair different colours.

He should probably realise that the game’s conventions have changed and are bigger than any pundit or commentator. If he isn’t willing to accept that, maybe Garth should find another profession that can afford such outdated opinions.

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