Gamer Gets More Than She Bargained For With Second-Hand Console

Shannon Bridges turned on the Nintendo 3DS only to find something quite unexpected.

The Nintendo 3DS.
The Nintendo 3DS Could you break into this? Image Nintendo

The perils of second-hand gaming have been highlighted by the story of Shannon Bridges, the 19-year-old who received a used Nintendo 3DS with one unexpected additional feature – it was full of porn.

Purchased by Bridges’ boyfriend as part of an early birthday present, her other half probably thought he was making a major saving with the second-hand console.

Unfortunately, the consoles settings had not been wiped meaning that when Shannon turned it on she discovered several naked selfies of a man who definitely wasn’t Super Mario.

“I felt so sick” Bridges told the Daily Star.

“I was laughing at them but all I could think about was if a parent bought that for their child. Imagine if they saw them.”

Purchased from a CeX store in Cardiff, the store has since pledged to take greater care when it comes to wiping consoles and ensuring even dodgier pics surface.

One console fans don’t need to worry about purchasing second-hand in the very near future, meanwhile, is the Sega Mega Drive,with production on the console set to resume with a very special edition of the ‘90s favourite in the offing.

More importantly, those 16-bit graphics mean they probably need not worry about any dodgy porn uploads either.

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