Game of Thrones: 8 of Tywin Lannister’s best quotes

Charles Dance at his most brutal.

Charles Dance
Lord of the Dance The veteran actor turns 70 today Image Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Charles Dance turns 70 years old today.

The veteran actor has had quite the career in the business, appearing in starring roles in The Jewel in the Crown, Alien 3 and Last Action Hero amongst others. These days he’s more commonly recognised as Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Tywin was a character that Dance really stuck his teeth into, delivering tons of quotable dialogue that distinguished him as one of the most tyrannical characters in Westeros.

Here we’ve rounded up 8 of Tywin Lannister’s best quotes:


“Any man who must say, ‘I am the king’ is no true king. I’ll make sure you understand that when I’ve won your war for you.”


“A Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep”


“Explain to me why it is more noble to kill ten thousand men in battle than a dozen at dinner.”


“Have you gone soft, Clegane? I always thought you had a talent for violence. Burn the villages, burn the farms. Let them know what it means to choose the wrong side.”


“Wars swallow gods like a pit in the earth”


“When your enemies defy you you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees however you must help them back to their feet elsewise no man will ever bend the knee to you”


“There, you see? You will wed her, bed her, and put a child in her. Surely you’re capable of that.”


“The greatest fools are often more clever than the men who laugh at them.”

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