Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Details Emerge And Fans Might Not Be Happy

If you thought the spin-off series would focus on the continuing adventures of a few characters, you may be left unhappy.

Emilia Clarke Game Of Thrones
Mother of dragons Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones. Image Picture HBO

The end is nigh for Game of Thrones and while fans prepare to mourn the passing of a few more characters before the series concludes plans are already afoot for a spin-off series.

Spin-offs have proven a bit hit-and-miss in the past.

For every Frasier, there are countless Joeys and while loaded is understandably excited at the prospect of seeing even more from our Westeros chums, it would appear the potential series is taking an unusual shape. 

Rather than focus on the continuing adventures of characters like Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen, the new series could instead serve as a prequel to the original.

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The Bastards
Sansa and Jon Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones Image Picture HBO

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, HBO programming president Casey Bloys explained the thinking behind the move.

“A prequel feels like it has less pressure on it,” he said. 

“[George RR Martin’s history of Westeros] gives you areas in which to say to a writer, ‘If you were going to do this, then go flesh it out,’ and we’ll see what comes back. But I don’t feel any pressure that we have to have something.”

So it sound like we could be getting a version of Game of Thrones without any of the characters we’ve grown to love or despise which would kind of suck.

 It also appears to have put paid to the idea of a new series focusing on Emilia Clarke’s character.

Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke
Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones. Image Picture HBO

Over eight series fans have become pretty attached to these guys so when the show does finally end in 2018 they are going to be pretty gutted to see them go, especially if there are no plans to resurrect any of the old guard for a new show.

It’s not all bad news though with Bloys also hinting to Entertainment Weekly that the final series could be a little longer than we previously thought.

“They’re still figuring out the shape of the season, what they want to do,” he said.  “I’ll take as many as they want to do. If they give me eight, I’ll want 10. But it’s really up to them. They’ll let me know.”

In any case, it sounds as though the last two series will be pretty epic with fellow star Iain Glen confirming as much during a recent interview. 

Game of Thrones is scheduled to return this summer.

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