From The Crystal Maze to Holby City: Game Of Thrones’ most random British stars

British actors rub their hands with glee whenever Game Of Thrones returns.

Game Of Thrones star Roxanne McKee
From Hollyoaks to Westeros Roxanne McKee is just one of the many unlikely British actors in Game Of Thrones.

Unless you’ve been locked in the sky cells of The Eyrie, you’re probably aware Game of Thrones is about to return for a sixth season.

Much of its success has to do with any number of weird and wonderful actors who British viewers may be familiar with for altogether different reasons.

With Tamer Hassan just the latest notable Brit to join the cast, here are 11 more of the most random people to make an appearance in George RR Martin’s fantasy behemoth.



Mark Addy

Having made his name a Clingfilm loving chubster in The Full Monty, Addy went on to appear as the portly King of Westeros, Robert Baratheon. It didn’t last though…


Jerome Flynn

Once part of a double act alongside extreme fishing fan Robson Green on Soldier Soldier, which launched a brief pop career, Flynn is now arguably more familiar as Bronn – Game of Thrones’ ultimate sword for hire.


Paul Kaye

Having begun in comedy with Dennis Pennis, Kaye featured in a number of BBC dramas and even a series of bants-laden betting adverts. He’s now the mystical, magical Thoros. No banter required.


Roxanne McKee

McKee first arrived on our screens after winning a competition to appear as a regular on Hollyoaks. However, McKee since featured regularly as one of Daenerys’ handmaids in the first two GoT seasons. Then things went a bit pear-shaped.


Mackenzie Crook

Mackenzie Crook is no stranger to Hollywood glamour, having featured in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise as well as writing and starring in BBC4’s award-winning The Detectorists. But his turn as magical wildling Orell showcased his range even further.


Clive Mantle

Clive Mantle played Dr Mike Barrett on Casualty – and to a lesser extent Holby City – for years with little of note happening. Five minutes into his performance on GoT as Lord Greatjon Umber and he’d already had a couple of fingers lopped off.


Joe Dempsie

Skins was the must-see teen drama on E4 in which everyone did drugs, got sweaty and went to maaaaad house parties. Now he’s busy on Game of Thrones as Gendry.


Clive Russell

One of those actors who has been in far too many things to mention (The Bill, Ripper Street, Merlin etc), Russell first appeared as Brynden Tully in season three before mysteriously disappearing around the time of the Red Wedding. He is set to return for season six, though.


Natalia Tena

Remember the intimidating tomboy who taught Nicholas Hoult about the joys of Mystikal? Well, she’s in Game Of Thrones now as Osha the wilding. Crazy.


Wilko Johnson

Having already survived what doctors thought was terminal cancer, the veteran Dr Feelgood singer made a cameo appearance as mute executioner Ilyn Payne and was suitably terrifying.


Edward Tudor-Pole

He tried and failed to fill Richard O’Brien’s shoes on the Crystal Maze, as well as having 80s hit Swords Of A Thousand Men as Tenpole Tudor. Tudor-Pole is actually credited as having a cameo role as a protester, though you may struggle to spot him – we still haven’t. 

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