Game of Thrones star fuses David Cameron with Christian Bale in epic mash-up

Imagine if the Batman actor was Cameron’s Press Advisor.

David Cameron looks at a map, possibly of Britain's porn league table
Eton finished where?! David Cameron points at Sheffield and laughs. Not for the first time. Image Picture Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Jacob Anderson is a man of many talents.

To Game of Thrones fans, he’s probably best known as Grey Worm, the loyal commander of Daenerys Targaryen’s army of the Unsullied.

Film buffs probably know him from films like Adulthood and Kidulthood.

Music fans, meanwhile, might be familiar with his work as rising star Raleigh Ritchie, having released his debut album You’re a Man Now, Boy to widespread acclaim earlier this year.

For now though, loaded knows him as the architect of one of the best mash-ups we have seen in recent times.

Now, loaded has already put forward a theory suggesting David Cameron’s infamous whistle of doom from the other day was an aborted rendition of the theme from The Great Escape.

But Raleigh Ritchie may have gone one better with a clip that pitches an alternative universe in which David Cameron has employed Christian Bale, of all people, as his press advisor.


And how does Bale’s reaction to DC’s weird whistle moment? Well, if you know anything about Bale, you can probably guess.

Fused together with a few more soundbites from both Cameron and Bale, the clip has already accumulated over 80,000 views, 400 shares and nearly 1,000 likes as well as a few hearty laughs to boot.

Is there anything Anderson can’t do?

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