Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Suggests Shocking Finale Is On The Cards

An online leak, coupled with the comments of Iain Glen, suggest a grim end is in store.

Jon Snow and Daenerys in Game of Thrones

A bloody fate awaits one beloved Game of Thrones character when the series finally wraps next year, and fans may not be happy about the outcome.

That’s the warning offered up by actor Iain Glen and one fan theory concerning the final season of the hit HBO series. Warning: Spoilers will follow for anyone who would rather not know how the series may potentially end.

One of the main theories floating around online concerns the character Azor Ahai, or the Prince Who Was Promised. He’s the character prophesised to save Westeros and fight off the incoming White Walker invasion.

The main fan theory currently doing the rounds is that Kit Harrington’s character, Jon Snow, will end up being Azor Ahai and that could end up being bad news for another fan favourite.

As part of the Game of Thrones mythos, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) must die in order
In order for Snow to ascend to the role of Azor – her death is required to bring about the creation of Lightbringer – a powerful sword capable of seeing off the White Walkers.

An Instagram account collecting up Game of Thrones rumours and updates has even created a post claiming as much and claim to have seen the image where Snow’s emergence as Azor Ahai is confirmed.

?Season 8 SPOILER ALERT ? IF U DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE END OF GOT FOR URSELF DO NOT READ THIS OR SE THE NEXT PICTURE ? A leaked photo shows Dany and Jon standing in a confusing position,, the one who leaked it out claims he work for HBO and says "Jon and Dany were kissing but than Jon takes a step back and shuffes his sword through Dany's heart and this is how Azor Ahai is reborn " I don't know if it is true or not, it coulf be the fake shots that HBO said they will do, anyway,, what are ur thoughts of this? #GameOfThrones #HBO #GOT #GOTS7 #daenerys #daenerystargaryen #GameOfThronesHBO #ASOIAF #sansastark #targaryen #stark #winterfell #jonsnow #khaleesi #lannister #aryastark #arya #gameofthronesfamily #beautiful #EmiliaClarke #kitharington #motherofdragons #ironthrone #love #thewall #gameofthronesmemes #housestark #sophie #sophieturner #maisiewilliams

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A blurry snap on gameofthrones_updates shows Jon and Daenerys relatively close to each other talking alongside the following crucial caption:

“A leaked photo shows Dany and Jon standing in a confused position, the one who leaked it out claims he work for HBO and says, ‘Jon and Dany were kissing but then Jon takes a step back and shoves his sword through Dany’s heart and this is how Azor Ahai is reborn’.”

The photo has since disappeared but the idea of Daenerys being killed off certainly appears in line with Glen’s comments after he read the script for the finale.

“I thought it was rather brilliant. I am a bit of a fan of the series as well, and it satiated my expectation and hopes, I felt (it was the) conclusion,” he told the Indian Express.

“But we will just have to see. You know with something this big like Game of Thrones, you cannot please everyone.”

Emilia Clarke and Iain Glen in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones will return in 2019.

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