Game of Thrones finally confirms fan theory about Jon Snow’s parents

We now know… something.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of ThronesImage Picture HBO

Game of Thrones’ sixth season came to a blood-soaked end last night with a major revelation about Jon Snow’s parentage.

Spoilers are forthcoming for The Winds of Winter, so if you haven’t seen it yet – look away now.

Still here? Well, the final episode heavily implied that the long-held ‘R+L=J’ fan theory – that Jon is the son of Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna and her captor Rhaegar Targaryen – has been true all along.

The season finale showed Bran Stark using his three-eyed raven to observe Ned taking a baby from his dying sister in the Tower of Joy. Though Lyanna never explicitly reveals who Jon’s father is, she instead whispers it into discreetly into Ned’s ear.

Despite this Lost in Translation moment leaving a shred of doubt hanging over the theory, the web has nevertheless been emphatically celebrating hitting the nail on the head.

Well done, the internet. Unlike Jon Snow, you can at least say you know something.

Game of Thrones will screen on Sky Atlantic at 9pm tonight (June 27) in the UK.

The long, cold, agonising wait for season 7 in 2017 begins now. Might be time to start looking for a new TV addiction?

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