Relive Every Single Game Of Thrones Death In One Epic Supercut

All the blood and gore from Westeros in one incredible clip.

Sean Bean in Game of Thrones
Sean Bean One of the actor's many death scenes. Image HBO

There have been some truly incredible death scenes in Game of Thrones over the years, but how many do you actually remember?

Sure, you’ll recall THAT head-squeezing scene from season 4, and the time Sean Bean died (yet again), but apart from that you might struggle to remember more.

Thankfully though, someone has put together an incredible supercut, which puts all the deaths throughout the entire series in one incredible video.

So, how many deaths do you reckon there have been on the show? Maybe a thousand? Maybe a few thousand at a push? Way off – the video contains an absolutely staggering 150,966 deaths, which is obviously absolutely insane.

We knew it was one of the most notoriously violent shows on TV, but even so, that’s pretty excessive.

The video is a hefty 21 minutes long, and absolutely jam-packed with blood and gore from Westeros. What more could you want to get you excited for season seven?

It’s a pretty great watch, but we’ll be honest – you’ll probably need to go for a lie down afterwards.

There’ll be more of the same when Game of Thrones returns next month, especially after the show set a new world record for having the most people set on fire on-screen.

The body count is only set to rise when season seven arrives on July 16

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