Game of Thrones’ Crazy Death Rate Astonishingly Accurate To Middle Ages

Think the blood-letting in Westeros is a bit much? Well it’s actually pretty damn accurate.

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The BastardsImage Picture HBO

Game of Thrones undoubtedly ranks among the most gratuitously violent shows to ever grace the small screen, but apparently there is more to the extreme blood-letting on display than just simply scaring the living shit out of those watching at home.

It’s long-established that George R.R. Martin used real historic events from English history as the inspiration for his work. 

Do a little digging and you’ll discover that events surrounding things like the Hundred Years’ War and The War of the Roses bare an eerily similarity to what goes on with the Targaryens, Lannisters, Boltons and Starks.

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The Bastards
Battle Of The Bastards Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow gets ready for battle. Image Picture HBO/Sky Atlantic

However, it was only when Celine Cunen, a PHD student from the University of Oslo, did some research that fans began to realise that the historical setting and atmosphere extended to the insane amount of deaths on the show.

Taking the War of the Roses alone and studying some 1,200 articles to capture births and deaths data, she discovered that the rate of death during the conflict was pretty similar to the one seen in Game of Thrones.

“During The War of the Roses noble families were drastically reduced, as seen in Game of Thrones, where characters are either killed off the show or lose their powerful position in society,” Cunen explained in quotes carried by wetpaint.

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The Bastards
Sansa and Jon Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones Image Picture HBO

Obviously not everything in Game of Thrones is historically accurate. Dragons don’t exist, for example. Unfortunately, incest probably did and lots of it for that matter.

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