Game Of Thrones’ Biggest Bastard Is Joining The Marvel Universe

The most hated guy in Westeros just lined up his next TV role.

Iwan RheonImage HBO

The biggest shit in Westeros has joined the Marvel universe, after Game Of Thrones star Iwan Rheon was cast in new ABC series Inhumans.

Rheon, who is known for playing the villainous Ramsay Bolton on the HBO show, will play the lead role in the new show later this year.

Inhumans is based on the Marvel superhumans, who first featured in the comics back in 1965.

Rheon will play the Maximus the Mad, the secretly power-hungry brother of famous Marvel character Black Bolt this Autumn [via Variety].

The Inhumans recently appeared in the ABC series Agents of SHIELD, but the new show will not act as a spinoff.

Speaking about Rheon’s casting, head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb said: “Iwan’s ability to be charming, roguish, and still completely unexpectedly dangerous were all the different sides we needed to bring the character to life. We’re thrilled to have him on board.”

Rheon’s character Ramsay Bolton quickly become the most hated figure in Westeros after arriving on the show in 2013.

[Spoilers ahead!] Much to the relief of Game Of Thrones fans everywhere though, Rheon’s character Ramsay Bolton met a grizzly end in season six.

He knows a thing or two about playing evil characters, after he also starred as a young Adolf Hitler in Sky Arts’ controversial mini-series Urban Myths this year. See him in action below:

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