Game Of Thrones: 7 Burning Questions Before Season Seven

Did Euron Greyjoy find any trees to build 1,000 ships?

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Game of Thrones season 7 is approaching fast, just like the cavalry of horses in the Battle of the Bastards.

Pictures of the upcoming series have been released, and we have many questions, so many. When we last left the characters, winter had finally come, the North was back in the hands of the Starks, Cersei was queen of the seven kingdoms and Dany was on her way to fuck shit up, finally.

loaded has compiled a few burning unanswered questions regarding the next chapter; we have a feeling it’s going to be pretty epic. Winter has come, and we can’t wait. 



Will we find out that Jon Snow is the Prince That Was Promised?

After the glorious resurrection of Jon Snow at the beginning of season 6, Melisandre had a prophecy. For Westeros to flourish and fight the darkness coming their way, the one true king must take the throne. According to the red witch, that king is Azor Ahai, or the Prince That Was Promised, and he will be resurrected, “when the red star bleeds, and the darkness gathers… Amidst smoke and salt.” Dragons are also involved. She’s convinced this person is Jon Snow.

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What is Samwell Tarly up to at the Citadel?

The picture released shows Sam hard at work on something, perhaps work with Master Marwyn an archmaester who might be played by Jim Broadbent – he recently spilled the beans regarding his role in the new season.

Sam and Gilly


Will Arya return to Winterfell?

Arya Stark was last seen in the Twins enacting vengeance upon Walder Frey for killing her family during the infamous Red Wedding. Now that she can see and is free from the shackles of the House of Black and White, will Arya return to Winterfell to claim her place alongside her sister and brother/cousin?




What will be Cersei’s first act as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms?

After the mass execution of her enemies by Wildfire and the death of her last child, Cersei doesn’t have much to lose. With Jamie back at her side, who knows what the newly crowned Mad Queen will be up to when we see her again.



Where the hell is Dany going?

The mother of dragons was on a massive boat when last we saw her. Having joined forces with the Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborns, Dornishmen and Reachmen, it seems that Dany is unstoppable, so where is she headed? Going straight to King’s Landing would be too easy, perhaps she’s rounding out her fleet with a few Tyrells?



What will happen when Jon Snow finds out he’s a Targaryen?

Finally, we found out that Jon Snow’s mother was Lyanna Stark, Ned’s beloved sister, thanks to Bran and his three eyes. There is a long withheld theory that Jon’s father is Rhaegar Targaryen, Dany’s brother – which would make her Jon’s aunt and Jon, the rightful king. We’re pretty sure this assumption is spot on, which will make next season INSANELY interesting especially when Dany and Jon meet for the first time. Please don’t have sex guys; we’re traumatised enough watching twin siblings Cersei and Jamie go at it.



Is Sansa going to overthrow Jon?

Sansa might have shown up at the last minute and saved the day, but she let her brother/cousin? Jon stand in the spotlight as the new King of the North. Littlefinger is keen to see a battle between the two family members, even though she rejected his creepy marriage proposal perhaps a change of heart will occur and a seedy alliance formed against Jon? We hope not.


July 16th, people. July 16th.

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