Hello comrade! Galinka Mirgaeva is your new Instagram obsession

Meet the Russian model making waves on social media.

Galinka Mirgaeva Instagram
Social superstar 1.9 million people follow Galinka Mirgaeva on Instagram. Image Picture Galinka Mirgaeva/Instagram

Galinka Mirgaeva is making waves on social media thanks to an Instagram feed that’s quickly amassing a loyal following.

The Russian model’s 1.9 million followers are being treated to an avalanche of selfies, work out videos and photos of her casually relaxing to top up her tan, as demonstrated by the topless sunbathing image below.

Mirgaeva, who’s 28 and hails from the central Russian city of Perm, grew up in a wealthy Russian family and has smarts to back up her killer looks – she’s a graduate of the PGTI University of Perm.

You’ll need to have mastered Russian, though, if you want to understand all Mirgaeva’s updates. She largely keeps her millions of followers in the loop in her native tongue.

Galinka Mirgaeva Instagram
Hello, comrade What's Russian for 'do you need sun cream?' Image Picture Galinka Mirgaeva/Instagram

Here are a few basic Russian phrases you may have to call into action.

  • Hello. How are you? / Привет. Как дела?
    Phonetically pronounced: pree-VYEHT. Kahg dee-LAH?
  • A table for two people, please. / Столик на одного двух человек, пожалуйста.
    Phonetically pronounced: STOH-leek nah uhd-nah-VOH chee-lah-dvookh chee-lah-VYEHK
  • I haven’t done anything wrong. / Я ничего плохого не делал(а).
    Phonetically pronounced: yah nee-chee-VOH plah-KHOH-vuh nee DYEH-luhl/luh-luh
  • Am I under arrest? / Я арестован(а)?
    Phonetically pronounced: yah ah-ryehs-TOH-vuhn/vuh-nah?
  • I want to talk to a lawyer. / Я хочу поговорить с адвокатом.
    Phonetically pronounced: yah hah-CHOO puh-guh-vah-REET s ahd-vuh-KAH-tuhm

Mirgaeva also happens to be hot property on Facebook and VK (Russia’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg’s behemoth).

Big brands are also quickly cottoning on to Mirgaeva’s popularity. In many photos she can be seen wielding bottles of Skinny Bunny Tea. They’re tasty beverages for those with a sweet tooth, but also packed with detoxy goodness to help you.

But why are you even bothered about that? Here are some pictures of Galinka Mirgaeva.

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